Public Statement on Earthquake

With great help from our friends at UNDP, APNGWLN encourages the general public to support information sharing directly into the communities using the following messages as widely as possible in affected areas.

English- Translated to Pidgin:
1. Earthquakes are the result of tectonic (earth) plates shifting. This is normal and happens everywhere.

Guria save kamap long planti narapela hap. Ino long ples bilong yumi tasol.

2. The Central Highlands sits along a fault line where the plates meet. This results in Earthquakes when they grind against each other. This is how the highlands were formed.

Ples bilong yumi sidaun long wanpela line we ol bikpela hap graun i bin bung na maunten blo yumi kamap. Taim ol hap graun save bung wantaim strong guria i save kamap. Olgeta maunten blo ples i save kamap olsem, long hia na lo olgeta hap lo graun.

3. The aftershocks (runbling thunder under) are part of the earth stabilising. They will get gradually less and less.

Bikpla guria em i pinis. Ol liklik guria yumi pilim yet em pasin blo giraun i laik malolo. Em bai tekim taim lo malolo na silip gut ken.

4. None of these earth movements are caused by any human activity on the earth’s surface.

Guria, bikpela or liklik, em pasin blo giraun. Em save mekim lo laik blo em. Man na meri ino nap kirapim dispela kain bikpela bagarap.

It has been six days since the disaster however, these simple messages are yet to filter into the affected communities for understanding. These go to support maintaining an assurance to those who are unable to understand the complexity of information and incorrect information currently being put out on social media which are somehow finding their way into the areas. Individuals who have access to one or more persons on the ground who may not have the level of understanding as many others, please SMS these messages across- we further add to make a phonecall (where possible) to speak these same words and translate further.

Whilst we respect the needs for all parties to better understand the situation on the ground, APNGWLN urges the general public on social media to support with filtering information that may cause further distress to the displaced families and communities; and spread information that would better provide assurance and ease to their circumstances.

We will continue to translate and break down as many complex terms as much as possible for direct relaying to our friends and loved ones, and share here.

From the team.

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